Processed Food PSA: Processed Beauty

Processed Beauty is a PSA on processed food. The standard methods of food processing is visually deconstructed to expose its grim nature as well as to educate consumers about the origin of their beautifully packed food. 

VP / Creative Director: Abid Hussain
AVP Project Coordinator: Punitha Goilasamy
AVP Supervising Producer: Raja Shahfariz
Film Director: Afiq Deen
Producer: Ann Amynn
Production supervisor: Chun Hong Cheow
Copywriter: Afiq Deen
Visualizer: Afiq Deen
Planner: Jason Yee
Production house: Barry Gladmore
Director of Photography: Nick Lee
Production design: Akek
Audio House: White Noise

Copyright by Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd

Kebaya Citra

For May's BlockBuster Ahad promo line up, all the four films are malay films. This doesn't alway happens so I thought it deserve a tribute. I looked for malay visuals that would look classy and sexy and the first thing that came in mind was Kebaya. So I animated and designed a modern pattern kebaya segment and layer it on top of a deep red wallpaper. The combination will immediately remind viewers of kebaya. I also experimented with a lense flare plugin in After Effects and I am SMITTEN!

Citra Surprise Box

For this movie promo, I noticed that all four films stated in the brief has very ironic plot twists so I came up with the concept of a 'Surprise Box'. The pop-up images transitions into footages as it teases audience with the films' ironies.

Istimewa Hari Wanita

This is a tribute to Kontik Kamariah, Ibu Zain, Saloma and Tra Zehnder

For this promo, I decided to use silhouettes of women shakers and movers from the past. Most Malaysians do not know most of these great women but their contributions still overshadows our very existence. This was the reason why I use shadowy figures rather than full portraits. My only hope is that this will somehow rouse the curiosity of audiences of the roles played by Kontik Kamariah, Ibu Zain, Saloma and Tra Zehnder.

Raja Lawak 6 Promo

Iklan Peserta dan Mentor Raja Lawak musim ke-6 untuk Astro Warna

Creative Director: Abid Hussain
Film Director: Afiq Deen
Assistant Director: Rudzain Zabaruddin
Director of Photography: Ah Lo
Senior Producer: Azhari Rahim
Producer Afiq Deen
Offline editor: Afiq Deen
Online editor: Mukram Abdullah (RGBA Studio)
Visualizer: Afiq Deen
Audio Post: White Noise Studio

Afiq Deen Won Special Mention in Tokyo Filmex's Talent Campus Tokyo 2011

" The Boy in White " by Mohd Afiq DEEN (Malaysia)

Jury's comment:

THE BOY IN WHITE is a coming-of-age film, partly based on a true story. The director Afiq DEEN uses a parents' divorce as starting point for his comedy-drama, this includes an elaborate description of today's society in Malaysia, on Islam and modernity. The jury would like to encourage Afiq DEEN to keep his fresh view and to go further with his intension to make a film without any taboos.


JIA Zhang-ke (Film Director), PARK Kiyong (Film Director, Scriptwriter, Producer), Olimpia PONT CHÁFER (Head of International Sales, Coproduction Office) and Christine TRÖSTRUM (Project Manager, Berlinale Talent Campus)